Press Kit

Developer: Pixoala

Platform: PC


Press pack (US / FR): Download


Horns of Fear is a third-person psychological horror game set in a mysterious mansion.

You are Jim Sonrimor, a journalist fascinated by the paranormal.
Your phone rings one night. The caller invites you to a strange mansion, bordering a forest with a gruesome reputation. Without hesitation, you drive off to visit the place…
Embark on this terrifying journey and unravel the mysteries hidden within the mansion.


Third-person psychological horror game.
Harrowing exploration and atmosphere.
Items to collect and puzzles to solve.
Made almost entirely by one person.
An original soundtrack by Vinsfeld.




Credit: A game by Pixoala Mickaël, Music by Vinsfeld (Feat. Mioune)

Contact: hornsoffear@hotmail[dot]com